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How Ambitious Are You?

You can get a 700 or more on the GMAT.

It is not impossible, it is a challenge. Merchant GMAT has over 5 years of experience teaching, motivating and building confidence in students in Buenos Aires who want to go to top 10 business schools in Europe and the United States.

Can you be more ambitious?

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Our Personalized Courses

Online GMAT prep courses overlook one crucial human characteristic – people do not learn concepts the same way. Ask yourself the following questions.

What are your strengths on the GMAT? More importantly, what are your weaknesses?

Merchant GMAT identifies your weaknesses and pushes you to improve upon them. Each course adapts to what you need to work on the most while maximizing your strengths.

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Full Support & Resources

We prepare you for the GMAT like an athlete prepares for game day. From improving your timing to mastering test taking strategies, we understand this exam and simulate everything.

Merchant ,GMAT gives you access to:

  • 1300+ realistic GMAT questions
  • 6+ Computer Adaptive Tests
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Preparation For Life At A Top Business School

The GMAT is the first of many challenges that you will undertake as an MBA candidate. Merchant GMAT trains you with this in mind.

We are not just experts at the GMAT, we are motivational coaches that want you to reach your full potential. The confidence and problem solving strategies you develop will translate to success on the GMAT, the admissions process, and life at a top MBA school.

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