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Trivia Time With The Bubble

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Trivia Time with Merchant GMAT is a blog post series for anyone in Buenos Aires that likes to exercise their brain. Answer GMAT type questions about real life, and receive a prize. This week’s Trivia Time is sponsored by The Bubble. Read and answer these 3 reading comprehension questions taken from Bubble articles (it’s multiple choice, yay!) In the reply …

GMAT Reading Comprehension

GMAT Reading Comprehension Part 1 – Remember These Words

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What is Reading Comprehension? This question can strike fear in many non-native English speakers here in Buenos Aires. At first glance, this seems straight forward — do we understand what we are reading? Yet for those considering business school in the U.S. — which require applicants to do a reading comprehension test via the GMAT — it’s one of the …

Qué Es El GMAT?

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El GMAT es un examen estandarizado requerido por la mayoría de las escuelas de negocios del mundo porque provee una asesoría de la capacidad académica del estudiante. Básicamente es uno de los criterios que utilizan las universidades para seleccionar candidatos. Cómo es el GMAT? Es un Computer Adaptive Test que dura masomenos 3.5 horas e incluye 4 secciones: Analytical Writing …


GMAT Critical Reasoning – How Did You Reach That Conclusion?

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Following the post on assumptions, there is another aspect of the critical reasoning portion of the GMAT I will discuss today: Conclusions. What is a conclusion? The dictionary says that a conclusion is a proposition concluded or inferred from the premises of an argument. So that doesn’t tell us anything at all, but basically what it means is that a …

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How You Should Prepare For The GMAT

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So you’ve decided you want to take the GMAT… Presumably because you want to get your MBA. Now what? First things first: Studying for the GMAT here in Buenos Aires is your mission/goal/deadline for the next 6-12 weeks. This is the most important step you must first take if your goal is to dominate the GMAT and pretty much make …

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GMAT Critical Reasoning – Read Through The BS

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Assumptions are one of the most important parts of the critical reasoning section on the GMAT. But what really are assumptions? In a nutshell, assumptions are things taken for granted. We take many things for granted in life, more than we realize. For example: Anish says there are 25 girls at the bar in Buenos Aires. By believing him, I …