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Trivia Time With The Bubble

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Trivia Time with Merchant GMAT is a blog post series for anyone in Buenos Aires that likes to exercise their brain. Answer GMAT type questions about real life, and receive a prize. This week’s Trivia Time is sponsored by The Bubble. Read and answer these 3 reading comprehension questions taken from Bubble articles (it’s multiple choice, yay!) In the reply …

GMAT Reading Comprehension

GMAT Reading Comprehension Part 1 – Remember These Words

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What is Reading Comprehension? This question can strike fear in many non-native English speakers here in Buenos Aires. At first glance, this seems straight forward — do we understand what we are reading? Yet for those considering business school in the U.S. — which require applicants to do a reading comprehension test via the GMAT — it’s one of the …


GMAT Critical Reasoning – How Did You Reach That Conclusion?

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Following the post on assumptions, there is another aspect of the critical reasoning portion of the GMAT I will discuss today: Conclusions. What is a conclusion? The dictionary says that a conclusion is a proposition concluded or inferred from the premises of an argument. So that doesn’t tell us anything at all, but basically what it means is that a …