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Merchant GMAT & Admissions

For the last 8 years, Merchant GMAT & Admissions has been empowering and unlocking the true potential of top international talent to become the future global business leaders of tomorrow. With the combined experience of more than 15 years of GMAT and Admissions experience between our coaches we have developed our own set of methods and resources designed to place candidates into the top MBA programs in the US and Europe while learning new tactics and strategies that will fundamentally change the way you approach challenging decisions in life.

Our holistic approach to the MBA journey spans from in depth diagnostic testing at the GMAT Level, personalized Admissions Consulting from our American coaches, and leveraging our 400+ Merchant Alumni Network to help guide MBA candidates in their enrollment decisions and beyond. We offer our GMAT & Admissions services both in person and online.

Meet the team:

Anish Merchant

Co-Founder & CEO

Born in the land of sugar, located in the great state of Texas, I found my true home in Buenos Aires when I first moved here in 2010. It was here where I discovered my true calling which is helping others achieve their dreams. I have a passion for learning and consider myself a lifelong student.

Joe Mashek

Co-founder & Admissions Director

Creative entrepreneur based in Buenos Aires who has helped hundreds through their MBA journey. I can wear a lot of different hats and play a lot of instruments. I can help you get into your dream MBA program and then get that job you've always wanted. I can then come visit you at your mountain or beach house. No?

Dr Dimitrios Vonofakos

GMAT Director & Verbal Coach

Greek born and raised, I spent a fair bit of time in the UK working on the applications of psychoanalysis in Business and Learning before closing shop and moving down South for new adventures. I love classic rock, a good Malbec and long-distance running - preferably, in that order.

Tim Jackson

Student Success Director

Born and raised outside of Washington DC, small business entrepreneur, and master of the Argentine Parilla (Barbecue), I pride myself as a serial "make-things-happener " for myself and our students!

Jessica Hunek

Quant Coach

Born in Canada but raised in Texas by my Polish parents, I found my way to Buenos Aires in 2017 and will only return to the States after I have tried every Malbec the country has to offer! With a Mechanical Engineering background, I am passionate about all things Quant and wine-related!

Joshua Raiman

Quant Coach

As a nomad, I was brought up in New York, and then proceeded to make my way south through Miami and finally to Buenos Aires in 2008. As the constant “new kid”, my adaptability and perseverance are the key elements that I apply to all aspects of my life. I strive for excellence whilst enjoying the ride, traits I instill to people around me.

Rafael Lima

Product Manager

Originally from Brazil, I worked as a Management Consultant and Product Manager in Argentina, before leaving for my MBA in HEC Paris. I am a caipirinha specialist, Flamengo fan, and wannabe snowboarder. Write to me when in Paris for a nice wine evening.

Ana Negishi

Admissions Associate

Born and raised in the outskirts of Buenos Aires to a japanese-paraguayan family (go figure!). I love words, stories and looking up things online. Addicted to coffee and mate. Glad to help with whatever I can!

Ale Lupiz

Sales Associate

Born in Buenos Aires but raised in the world... I lived in Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, and Uruguay. Passionate about communication and education. Love meeting people and having new adventures. I can spend hours dancing, surrounded by friends (if it's near the sea, much better!).

Jack Rutter

Marketing Director

Originally from the UK, I worked in technology and advertising before quitting and coming to South America to learn Spanish and find my true calling. I love Leeds United, Marcelo Bielsa and arepas.

Candela Cebrero

Digital Marketing Manager

I’m a journalist who recently discovered her true nature: a modern Mad Woman. I’m a lover of old thriller movies. Coffee is my oxygen and “I rather be reading” it’s my current mood (no matter when you’re reading this).

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