Build the life
that you want to live

Build the life
that you want to live

Where do you start when it comes to admissions?

Whether you've gotten your GMAT or not, we can get started by asking the big questions:
● What are your short term and long term career goals?
● Where do you want to live?
● What lifestyle do you want?
● What personal/professional objectives do you plan to achieve?

Merchant Admissions will help you to begin answering these questions. We’ll then form a tailored strategy that will position you to gain acceptance to the right programs, receive unique scholarships, and land your dream job. Let’s explore how...

There is so much information on hundreds of programs, where do I begin?

We'll help you wade through the massive amount of marketing material that schools send you, and give you information about scholarships that apply particularly to you. When it comes time to select schools, you'll have a complete picture of what programs are like and which programs are best for you.

The Big Picture Strategy

Many people believe getting into business school is the ultimate accomplishment. In reality, the real accomplishment is getting the job that you want in the country where you want to live. We keep our eyes on the real prize when building strategy for your applications.

Getting accepted into the RIGHT school for you.

No matter your priorities, we will find the right programs that fit your profile and career aspirations.

Define Your Story

We’ll discover the experiences and personal characteristics that make you an excellent fit for specific MBAs that you’re interested in.

The Merchant Alumni Network

Connect with our global network of 400+ Merchant Alumni to gain real life insight from current or recently graduated candidates. Learn about what their favorite classes were like, what clubs they participated in, even what they did on the weekends. The alumni will give real life insight, personal experience, and advice.

Interested in hearing first hand candidate experiences
about any of these schools?

Our Merchant Alumni Network extends to all of these programs and beyond.

Your MBA of choice with signficant scholarships.
This is what Merchant strives for.

of our clients were accepted into at least
1 of their top 3 schools of choice
Over $1,350,100
Scholarship Money received
by our clients since 2018.

The Merchant Admissions Consulting Process

The application process is a journey. If you do it correctly, you can set yourself up to build the life that YOU want to live at the school that’s right for you. We’re going to guide you through this journey - from the day you start researching potential schools, to the day you are accepted.

Here’s how our process works...

Step 1:
Brainstorm and Reflection

We'll get to really know your personality, background, and life goals.

Step 2:
School Selection

We’ll carefully select 5 programs that best match your personality and background and put you in the best position to reach your life goals.

Step 3:
Access to our network

Our network will become a resource for you throughout the application process and for the rest of your professional career.

Step 4:
Face to face meetings

We’ll be available when you need us for guidance, advice, and strategy and answers.

Step 5:
Develop your story

Get ready to dig deep - serious introspection and reflection on your greatest achievements will give you the content to write your real story.

Step 6:
CV and Essay Revision

We will ensure the best CV you’ve ever written is created, highlighting the accomplishments that MBAs look for.

Step 7:
Selection of recommenders & endorsements

Our duty is to ensure you select the right people to recommend you and write to admissions programs on your behalf.

Step 8:
Interview Prep

We will prepare you for the common and particular program questions you should expect given your unique application.

Step 9:
Consulting for scholarships

Need-based and merit-based scholarships can have a big impact on your life. We’ll make sure you know all options that you have available to you.

Step 10:
Final decision advice

This is one of the bigger decisions you’ll make in your life. We’ll make sure you are keeping everything in perspective.

Step 11:
Lifetime membership to our network

You’ve leveraged some of our network to successfully navigate the MBA admissions process. Now it’s time to connect with the rest of them

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