Merchant Academy
Get more than a top
GMAT score

Merchant Academy
Get more than a top
GMAT score

Get the best of both worlds with group and individual classes

Merchant Academy provides both a group setting and one-on-one coaching experience where you, and other business professionals, will learn about the key frameworks and behaviors needed for success. In addition to learning all course curriculum, you will start building your international business network with your classmates.

These entrepreneurs, lawyers, investment bankers, consultants, marketing directors, biologists, engineers and other future business leaders all have the same goal as you. Just like in your MBA you will have an immediate and high caliber support network who you can work with to achieve your target score on the GMAT and who will be part of your international business network forever.

In the first three months, you will cover all verbal and quant material in a group setting. At the same time, you will have the chance to work on areas you find most challenging with our coaches during your weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (we call these "study hours").

You have complete control over how you utilise your study hours. They are designed to give you all the support you need to reach your GMAT target score.

Using frameworks for success in the GMAT and everyday life

These frameworks and behaviours can also be used in everyday life.

From the first class you will see how we connect problems in the GMAT to everyday situations, and how we use specific strategies to overcome these challenges.

One such example is how we use reflection to learn from our past experiences.

Reflection is key when analyzing business decisions. Learning what you did right, and more importantly, what you did wrong, are both critical. If we are able to learn from our mistakes, we can make improvements faster.

When beginning the GMAT preparation, you must remeber that success is not marked by answering questions correctly. Success is marked by understanding what the question is really asking. Once we have understood the question, we must reflect on why one answer is correct, but also (and even more importantly) why the other four answers are wrong.

This kind of thorough reflection is the path to mastering the GMAT.

The dark side of the GMAT exposed…

Meet Dimitrios, or Dr. D, as we like to call him. He is the GMAT Director here at Merchant and he’s also a licensed psychologist.

His work with the team has played a key role in developing our curriculum around the psychological aspects of the exam, or what we call “the dark side of the GMAT.” For us, understanding "the dark side of the GMAT" is as important as understanding the quant and verbal sections of the exam.

What do I get exactly?

15 Hours
One on One Coaching
20 Hours
Live, instructor-led, group classes
Online practice problems with additional diagnostics and official mock exams
Start your international business network with over 400+ other Merchant Alumni
● Latest virtual classroom technology
● Mistake driven analysis technology to pin point weakeness
● On demand video lessons, questions and video analysis developed and recorded by our coaches

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